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It sounds great. The rooms sound natural and spacious
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The MasterVerb software is a VST plug-in that gives you the tools to create two different late reverb types and also to control and complete other characteristics of the sounds. The program has a comprehensive library of different sound reflection patterns. There are also controls for the delay, size and diffusion of each pattern. The reflection sections supported are rooms, plates, chambers, echoes, cathedrals, nightclubs and ping-pong.

The reflections cause echoes to build-up and they then come together to create a diffuse reverb sound, also known as a late reverb. With MasterVerb you have two late reverb types, the smooth hall and a plate. You will also be provided with 3-band EQ controls. These can be used to control both the early and late frequency responses and that lets you simulate different damping characteristics.

Special effects can be generated with the MasterVerb program. This is done with an envelope control, which can then create gated and reverse reverbs. The visual interface has a great design and is easy to use. It also includes plots of the frequency response over the time, early reflections and late reverbs in a 3D fashion.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Presets included, good interface


  • Window from 2000 and on are supported, no Linux
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